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Joyce recommends the following books on craft…



20 Masterplots and How to Build Them – Ron Tobias

I loved this book when I was experimenting with plotting myself.  A great way to find your kind of stories and build them like a professional.


Eats, Shoots and Leaves – Lynne Truss

Every writer should have this book, study this book and make sure they understand the mechanics of punctuation.  If you want to be a professional writer, you need to know the basics or you will never be taken seriously.

The Writer’s Journey – Christopher Vogler and Michele Montez

Good for character archtypes, good for plotting.  Reminds us that storytelling goes way back and the model for  a ‘good story’ is hardwired into the human psyche.

Screenplay – Syd Field

This was my first introduction to the ‘science’ of plotting.  The screenwriters are way ahead of the novelists on this subject, but if we study their secrets, we can be amazing.

The Writer’s Idea Book – Jack Heffron

There is no excuse to say you have writer’s block. Do a prompt and get back to work!

What If – Anne Bernays

Unbelievable collection of prompts and ideas from some of the best writing teachers around.  Any writer would benefit from using this handbook.

A Poetry Handbook – Mary Oliver

Just as the screenwriters can teach us a thing or two about plot, the poets can teach us a thing or two about voice.  This is my favorite book for unlocking the inner poet in every fiction writer.

The Artists’ Way – Julia Cameron

For inspiration, taking yourself seriously as an artist and putting creativity at the center of your life.

On Writing – Stephen King

Those who can, teach.  Full of excellent insights about the writer’s world.

Bird by Bird –  Anne Lamott

A real book by a real writer about what really happens when you sit down to write.  And why that’s no excuse.

Second Sight by Cheryl Klein

A collection of editor, Cheryl Klein’s workshop talks

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