Sweeney Success Stories

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This is just a sample of the books written by Joyce’s students.






Joyce guided these writers through craft and marketing to the publication of their first books.


    1. Noreen Wald- Contestant (nonfiction) http://www.noreenwald.com/author.html
    2. Joan McIver- Shamrocks and Lace (nonfiction)
    3. Joan Mazza – Dreaming Your Real Self (nonfiction)
    4. Alexandra Flinn-Breathing Underwater (YA) http://www.alexflinn.com/
    5. Gloria Rothstein- Sheep Asleep (Picture Book)
    6. Sherri Winston- Dancing with Saturn (YA)
    7. Lucille Shulklapper- What You Cannot Have (poetry)
    8. Laurie Friedman- A Big Bed for Jed (picture book) http://www.lauriebfriedman.com/
    9. GabyTriana- Backstage Pass (YA) http://www.gabytriana.com/
    10. Dorian Cirrone – Dancing in Red Shoes Will Kill You (YA) http://doriancirrone.com/
    11. Crissa Chappell- Total Constant Order (YA) http://www.crissajeanchappell.com/
    12. Heidi Boehringer- Chasing Jordan (fiction)
    13. Mel Taylor-Murder By Deadline (mystery)
    14. Brenda Serotte- The Blue Farm (poetry) http://www.brendaserotte.com/
    15. Kathy MacDonald- White Dwarves (poetry)
    16. Adrienne Sylver – Hot Diggety Dog (picture book nf) http://www.adriennesylver.com/home.html
    17. Janeeen Mason- Ocean Commotion: Sea Turtles (picture book) http://www.janeenmason.com/
    18. Steve Rom- Centered by a Miracle (nonfiction)
    19. Debbie Fischer- Braless in Wonderland (YA) http://www.debbiereedfischer.com/
    20. Deb Sharp- Mama and the Murderer (mystery) http://www.deborahsharp.com/
    21. Marjetta Geerling – Fancy White Trash – YAhttp://marjettageerling.blogspot.com/
    22. Danielle Joseph – Shrinking Violet (YA) http://www.daniellejoseph.com/home.html
    23. Victoria Allman – Sea Fare -(Memoir-cookbook) http://www.victoriaallman.com/blog
    24. Christina Gonzalez – The Red Umbrella (YA) http://christinagonzalez.com/
    25. Kim Rapier – Crossed Out (YA)
    26. Laen Ghiloni – Cecily Beaseley (PB) http://www.writingrhymeandmeter.com/
    27. Stacy Davids – Two Book contract for non fiction (MG)
    28. Augusta Scattergood – middle grade fiction..historical to scholastic http://www.augustascattergood.com/
    29. Rob Sanders – picture book http://robsanderswrites.com/HOME.html
    30. Joanne Lewis – Adult mainstream http://www.joannelewiswrites.com/Writings.ph
    31. Ellyn Laub- Imperfect Circles
    32. Corina Berman- My Chemical Mountain – YA
    33. Steven Dos Santos – The Torchkeeper – YA http://stevendossantos.com/
    34. Nicole Lataif – The Forever You  Picture Book http://www.KidsFaithGarden.com
    35. Shannon Hitchcock – The Ballad of Jesse Pearl  MG http://www.shannonhitchcock.com
    36. Fred Koehler – How to Wake Up Dad PB http://freddiek.com/
    37. Kathryn Russell-Brown -Little Melba and her Big Trombone  Picture Book
    38. Danette Haworth – Me and Jack MG http://www.danettehaworth.com/
    39. Nancy Cavanaugh – This Journal Belongs to Ratchet MG http://www.nancyjcavanaugh.com/
    40. Joni Klein-Higger – Land of the Lost Socks – Children’s Musical Play www.joniworld.com
    41. Madeleine Kuderick – Kiss of Broken Glass – YA http://www.madeleinekuderick.com/
    42. Kerry Cerra – Just a Drop of Water – MG www.kerryomalleycerra.com
    43. Ann Marie Meyers – Up in the Air – MG http://www.annmarie-meyers.com/
    44. Angela Padron – My Body Belongs to Me- PB http://www.angelapadron.com/
    45. Cristin Bishara – Relativity- YA http://cristinbishara.com/
    46. Audrey Ades–Three Sailors- PB
    47. Melody Maysonet – A Work of Art – YA MelodyMaysonetcom
    48. Gail Shepherd – South by Southeast – MG http://gailshepherd.blogspot.com
    49. Kristen Fulton – Flight for Freedom – PB – http://www.kristenfulton.org
    50. Stacie Ramey – The Sister Pact – YA – http://www.stacieramey.com
    51. Jim Shipley – (as Dirk Stimson) A Race Against Time  – Romance
    52. Jane Ellen Freeman – Joshua Lucky and the Guardian Angel, chapter book.  http://janefreemanbooks.blogspot.com/
    53. Ena Jones – Clayton Stone, At Your Service, MG – http://enajones.com/
    54. Jill MacKenzie – Spin the Sky, YA http://www.jillmackenzie.com/
    55. Ellen Rosenberg – Winning – Sunscribe Press, YA
    56. Jonathan Rosen – Night of the Living Cuddle Bunnies – MG – http://houseofrosen.com/
    57. Lynne Marie -PB – Hedgehog’s 100th Day of School – http://www.literallylynnemarie.com/HOME.html
    58. Monica Ropal – YA – When You Leave  http://monicaropal.com/
    59. Melody Dimick – YA – Blame

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