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Adventure and Romance –

Genres with a huge following. Perhaps you write pure adventure or true romance, or you want to put some in your own other-genre novel. Our newest class explores the inns and out of both highly popular book types. Each week you’ll receive an email to let you know the next video lesson is available. There will be homework and an interactive forum.

Lesson 1 – Why do fools fall in love?

Lesson 2 – Call to adventure.

Lesson 3 – Plotting your adventure/romance.

Lesson 4 – Mentor Texts

Lesson 5 – Love scenes and action scenes

Lesson 6 – Settings

Lesson 7 – Characters

Lesson 8 – Hasta la vista, Baby

Lesson 9 – Alternative structures

Lesson 10 – Marketing


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ALL ACCESS – Twelve Month Access to every video in the archive, enrollment in three classes as listed below, and enrollment in three new webinars all for only $49 a month!

July 2017 – Fiction Writing Essentials
October 2017 – NEW – Romance and Adventure                                                                                                               February 2018 – Advanced Fiction


Dedicate the next twelve months to your craft. Pay now for immediate access!

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Research Webinar On Demand

 Learn from Joyce Sweeney in the live webinar on research on how to most effectively and efficiently research for the details to make your writing soar.

$29.00 -recorded webinar.


Character Arc Webinar- On Demand – $29.00

Character arc deals with how the character changes as the plot moves. Since Joyce is an expert on plot clock, she explores what must happen for the character throughout the story. This makes more clear how important the plot clock is for your story.


Fiction Writing Essentials

Begins July 10, 2017. Spend ten weeks on the essentials. Even advanced writers have taken this class more than once. Explore plot, character, and conflict. $289

Each week you will receive a link to a video taped lesson. There is an interactive forum where you will receive feedback from Joyce and fellow classmates on your homework. The ten classes will include:

Lesson One…………Know Yourself as a Writer

Lesson Two……Concept and Pre-Book Decisions

Lesson Three….Chapter One: How to do Everything at Once

Lesson Four…….Character: The Soul of Your Novel

Lesson Five…….Voice: The Poetry of Fiction

Lesson Six……..Dialog: The Drama of Fiction

Lesson Seven……Plot: The Easiest Thing to Get Wrong

Lesson Eight……Structure: The Key to Emotion

Lesson Nine…….Revision: Why You Need More Than You Think

Lesson Ten……..Marketing: Facing the Dragon

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Webinar recording – Beginnings!  $29

How to start, where to start, how to get all those important details in without a big info dump. Joyce will guide you through. Helpful for those revising or beginning something new. Pay now for 14 days access to the one hour video.

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POV Webinar on demand $29

Pay for 14 days access to the recorded Point of View webinar

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Flashbacks Webinar – On Demand

Flashbacks are a perfect tool for bringing in backstory, but it’s tricky to know how, when, and why. Joyce breaks it all down for you in the recorded webinar. $29.00 for 14 days access.

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Dialogue Webinar – On Demand

Need to spice up your dialogue? Dialogue is the place where your readers engage in the story. View the recorded dialogue webinar. $29.00 for 14 days access.

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Picture Book Essentials – On-Demand

Interested in writing Picture Books? This On-Demand course consists of ten video-taped lessons geared to every aspect of picture book writing. This is the same class offered in the past. This discounted price of $149 gives you 85 days of access to the lessons which you can watch on your own schedule. There is NO forum or feedback in the On-Demand classes. For a description of each lesson, go to this page on our website.
Pay now for immediate access.

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Endings Webinar On Demand

View the 2.11.15 webinar dealing the the challenge of writing a magnificent ending.
For $29 you will have 14 days access to the recording. Watch it as many times as you wish during the two weeks. Pay here for immediate access.



Marketing Webinar On Demand

Joyce’s Marketing Webinar webinar June 2015 is now available for viewing! For $29 you will have 14 days access to the recording. Watch it as many times as you wish during the two weeks.


Here is what marketing webinar participants have said about the experience:

I always say, Never assume you know everything. There is always something to learn that will help you grow as a writer. Stay knowledgeable and informed. Take the Sweeney course and stay on top.

So much useful information contained in one short, affordable class! Well worth the money spent! Thanks for a great course.

If you want to deepen your craft and overall knowledge, don’t think twice about signing up. I take a lot of classes and read a lot of books and there’s something about the information Joyce has that just clicks! I always take away something new and practical from her.

The webinar was thorough and contained all the information I need to search for an agent.

Joyce Sweeney’s online classes and webinars are essential to any writer interested in furthering their careers. Her informative lectures give you an insiders’ look at how the publishing process really works.

How special it is to be able to see, hear, and benefit from a tremendously knowledgeable writer and teacher – at home. It’s like a personal coach talking to you, giving valuable tips. It’s awesome!

Click on the PayPal link to start watching the Marketing Webinar now!

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Emotions Webinar On Demand

Joyce’s Emotions Webinar webinar from August 2015 is now available for viewing! For $29 you will have 14 days access to the recording. Watch it as many times as you wish during the two weeks.


Here is what emotions webinar participants have said about the experience:

Joyce is the best writing instructor I’ve ever had because of her knowledge, interest in me as a writer and willingness to work with me.

No matter at what level you are writing, taking a class or webinar with Sweeney Writing Coach will be a tremendously valuable tool in your craft box.

It’s nice to focus on one topic at a small price.

Joyce’s presentations, in class or on the webinar, are organized, logical and on point. The best online learning I’ve had.

Joyce’s teaching is excellent providing information in a clear-cut manner with examples to clarify the lesson. I could not ask for more.

Joyce has personable and clear way of teaching. For example, she uses of examples to help understand the teaching points. Her openness to questions and attention to the detail in her answers was great, too.

I learned so much in those 90 minutes. Well worth waking up at 3 am for!

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